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Build a leaner and more efficient business with the help of the leading auditors in DAFZA – MAC & ROSS Chartered Accountants. To find out more, visit our website today.

Auditing is one of the keys to having a lean business. An audit can help you maintain cleaner, more organised records, which can be used as basis for improving operational processes. It can help you identify problem areas within your business, and reveal any fraudulent activities impairing your cash flow.
If you are in need of professional auditing services in DAFZA, MAC & ROSS Chartered Accountants can provide expert assistance.

Utilise a complete range of auditing solutions from professional auditors in DAFZA

MAC & ROSS Chartered Accountants is an accounting and auditing firm offering comprehensive business solutions to companies in Dubai and across the UAE. Backed by more than three decades of experience providing accounting and auditing services to customers throughout the country, we have a developed a keen understanding of what businesses need to improve their internal processes. Through this experience, our auditors have localised our solutions for faster and more efficient implementation.

  • Financial – these types of audits revolve around developing better financial controls and reporting processes within the general ledger and its sub-ledgers. Auditing financial statements will help a company owner identify where resources are being allocated, and if there is misappropriation taking place.
  • Operational – audits of this nature are focused on the analyses of business processes that have a direct or indirect impact on the financial health of a company. The scope of these audits range from accounting procedures to reporting processes. Anything that involves internal procedures are covered in these types of audits.
  • Compliance – compliance audits are aimed at examining the level of compliance within a company with regards to internal controls and external regulatory measures.
  • Integrated – integrated audits are more comprehensive in nature. In this type of audit, auditors analyse procedures and controls that are involved in the financial and operational aspects of the business.

Partner with the leading auditors in DAFZA today

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