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Prepare your business for global competitiveness with the help of specialist auditors from MAC & ROSS Chartered Accountants. To find out more, visit our website today.

Auditors in DWC

As Dubai gears towards globalisation, Dubai World Central (DWC) will increasingly play a significant role as the hub of transportation and trade. Built as the centrepiece of an airport city, businesses within the vicinity will, no doubt, attract attention from local and international investors who will be looking at potentially successful ventures worthy of investment.
Position yourself at the forefront of your industry by streamlining the resource allocation and internal processes of your business. Partner with the one of the most trusted auditing and accounting companies in the UAE today – MAC & ROSS Chartered Accountants.

One of the most trusted auditors in DWC

MAC & ROSS Chartered Accountants has established itself as one of the foremost names in auditing and accounting in the UAE today. Backed by more than three decades of industry experience, our team of accountants, auditors, and financial specialists are capable of providing highly specialised solutions that are designed to help your venture achieve success.
We place a premium on honesty, transparency, and confidentiality. As a corporate commitment to our clients, our auditors will ensure the privacy and integrity of your corporate information, especially your financial records and operational procedures.

MAC & ROSS offers the following auditing services to companies in DWC and beyond:

  • Compliance audits – a compliance audit is a structured approach to determining the level of compliance of a company to internal protocols and external regulatory measures, either by its industry or by the local governing authority.
  • Operational audits – our auditors can perform an operational audit on your company and identify gaps within your processes that are preventing further operational efficiency. Using this data, we can help you develop better operational processes that maximise your resources.
  • Financial audits – through a financial audit, our auditors can provide an independent and impartial evaluation of your financial reporting process, including your financial reports and documents. This information can be utilised to improve the accuracy, efficiency, and comprehensiveness of financial records, thus boosting potential investor confidence.
  • Integrated audits – the coverage of an integrated audit includes all three aspects of your business process, from compliance to financial reporting. Through a sweeping and complete analysis of your internal protocols, we can identify information gaps between your reporting processes as well as inaccurate recording practices that result in data loss.

Prepare your company in DWC for the global market

Improve your internal business protocols and processes with the help of professional auditors from MAC & ROSS Chartered Accountants. Get in touch with us today through our contact number: +971 4-3584999.