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FTA Approved Tax Agent

Management Consultancy

Market Research And Feasibility Study

Mac & Ross with its expertise in market research and feasibility study techniques, help entrepreneurs to know whether they should proceed with their proposed business idea or not. After conducting adequate market research, we advise to proposed investors regarding feasibility of new business to generate adequate cash flow and net profits, withstand business risk it will encounter and whether it will remain viable in the long term and will meet their goals.

Due Diligence And Business Valuation

Buying and selling businesses is an area that requires specialist input from experts who deal with this type of work on a regular basis. The purchase of a business requires an understanding of the valuation of that business. We can assist with the undertaking of due diligence work to ensure that valuations offered are realistic and sensible. Likewise, if you wish to sell your business or part of the business, we can find out the value of your business.

Financial Consultancy

Cash Flow Projections and reporting periodically on comparison of actual to the projections. Preparation of budgets and reporting to management on comparison to actual through the budget period. Assessment/ review of finance requirement and advise for optimum sourcing. Review of bank credit facilities and advise for optimum use of the facilities.

Other Services

  • Corporate Training & Seminars
  • Trade Mark Registration
  • Liquidation of Companies
  • NRI Tax Advisory.